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Cellumap was created in order to allow people to map out detailed cellular coverage information in a "crowd-sourced" way. The public coverage maps given by network operators are usually very high-level, not very detailed and become quickly out-of-date as the network changes almost daily. Cellumap allows people to record and map accurate data, including actual signal strength and other information (ex. Cell ID, LAC, RNC, etc.) in real-time for all to view. Your privacy is also guaranteed, as there is no phone number or account info ever recorded or displayed.

Cellumap has no affiliation with any network operator, and has no other purpose than to allow people to record and view the signal, location and other publicly available network information received by their cellular devices. Please note that the signal strength can vary by phone and phone software, as well as positioning of phone and other variable circumstances. Cellumap takes no responsibility for any inaccuracies, interpretations or misinterpretations of the application and/or website.

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