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How-To: MAP

Follow the steps below to view signal coverage on the map.

Note: After selecting the "network", wait for the "technology" drop-box to be populated with correct technologies for the selected network

Tip: To zoom in quickly, place mouse over place on map to zoom in and "scroll-forward" with the mouse wheel.

See the results in the display window below. If no results are found, try searching another network or technology, or zoom out to a wider area. If more than 1000 data points are found, zoom in to limit the results. Ifno about coverage data can be viewed by mousing-over or clicking-on the coverage points.

How-To: CID Filter

The CID Filter can be used to view coverage from only one cell ID. In the example below there are a total 39 points displayed, all with CID 41695.

This feature can be useful to see how big of an area a certain cell covers. For the CID filter to be useful, it helps to have a large number of recorded points spread over a wide area.

Hint: Towers usually have 2 or 3 sectors, and Cell ID's are usually sequential. So for example, a typical 3 sector tower might have CID's 601, 602, 603.

How-To: Towers

Note: Tower info is only available in the following countries: USA, Canada

To view towers, click the "Show Towers" button. Results are limited to 300 towers max in the window. Tower info may not be complete or associated with any cellular operator. Tower data is given on a "best effort" basis, in order to help people find local towers.

Hint: Sending data points from around the tower can help show if that tower is associated with your carrier or not. If it is associated with your carrier, it can show how many sectors there are, and which the directions they are pointing.